Online Training Sessions and Resources

Training Overview

The ShotSpotter Training Team
The Training Team consists of law enforcement professionals with over 40 years of experience. Our mission is to make the customer as successful as possible. We do this through continued and on-going support to help you learn how to get the most benefit from the services we offer. All the training modules we offer are included in the price of the service, so never hesitate to request training if your agency is in need.

Getting Started We first “meet” the customer after the contract is in place. One of our trainers will be assigned to the agency to ensure wide-ranging but consistent training is delivered based on the agency customer’s need. While the service is being deployed, we first present to command staff personnel and key identified stakeholders in the service. This Best Practices Presentation is based on knowledge of law enforcement practices and learning from our customer agencies that have been successful with incorporating ShotSpotter services into the fabric of the department. The idea is to get the agency thinking about success and ways to achieve it right from the beginning.

Online Training Sessions

  • Customer Success Training Bulletins
  • Video Training Sessions
  • PowerPoint Training Presentations
  • ShotSpotter Training Suite 2013 Summary
  • ShotSpotter Prosecutor/District Attorney Resource Information 2013
  • ShotSpotter Best Practices Manual 2013

Training Courses – Open Online Training Sessions
Topics rotate and include;

  • ShotSpotter Flex Alert Consoles Basics – Call Taker, Dispatcher and Mobile
  • ShotSpotter Flex Investigator Portal Basics
  • Investigations using the Investigator Portal
  • Crime Analysis using the Investigator Portal
  • ShotSpotter Briefing Room
  • ShotSpotter Siren.

Many more topics can be included in the rotation, we are always open to suggestions.

The following Training Materials are downloadable with a username and password:

  • Training Slides and “Cheat Sheets” (22MB)
  • Mobile Refresher Video (14MB)
  • Best Practices & D.A. Resources (4MB)
  • Training Bulletins (5MB)
  • Investigator Portal Videos (98MB)

Click here to download the documents.
If you need the username/password, please contact Ed Flosi.

ShotSpotter Mobile ™ App Training Documents
If you need the username/password, please contact Ed Flosi.

Contact Training

Ed Flosi: (510) 299-9257:

Doris Cohen: (408) 470-8732: