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8,063,773: Systems and Methods of Directing a Camera to Image Weapon Fire

  • Type: U.S.
  • Application Number: 11/981,697
  • Publication Date: 10/30/2008
  • Filing Date: 10/30/2007
  • Abstract: Systems and methods are disclosed for processing data associated with an acoustic event. In an exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of data processing including determining a location of an acoustic event and processing information associated with directing a camera towards the location. Moreover, one exemplary method may include processing information from and/or related to one or more sensors in an area to be monitored, processing data associated with the acoustic event, and determining a location of a source of the acoustic event as a function of the information from and/or related to the acoustic event. Further exemplary implementations include performing processing associated with providing instructions to direct a camera towards the determined location.
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