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7,139,222: System and method for protecting the location of an acoustic event detector

  • Type: domestic
  • Application Number: 10/905795
  • Publication Date: 2006-11-21T00:00:00
  • Filing Date: 2005-01-20T00:00:00
  • Abstract: A system and method for protecting sensor positions in an array of acoustic sensors which make up a gunfire locator system. The inventive system includes a purity of sensors and a host computer. Each sensor includes: a microphone for receiving acoustic information; a processor for processing acoustic information to detect an acoustic event and determine a time of arrival; a GPS receiver; an encryption module for encrypting transmitted sensor positions; and a network interface for transmitting sensor positions and times of arrival. The host computer includes: a network interface for receiving sensor transmissions; an encryption module for deciphering sensor positions; and a CPU.
  • More Information: USPTO record