ShotSpotter Media Kit

Media Kit

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List of ShotSpotter Cities


ShotSpotter: Respond video
ShotSpotter: How it Works video
ShotSpotter: How it Works video - Spanish
ShotSpotter: How it Works video - Portugese
SST/ShotSpotter B-Roll
Mayor Testimonials
Bloomberg in Oakland: ShotSpotter Hears Gun Shots Before You Do
SST Commercial
ShotSpotter in San Francisco
ShotSpotter in Spanish Commercial
SST Security Video


Gunfire Incident Roadmap and Situation Detail
Incident Review Center (IRC) Newark, CA
IRP Listing Road Circle Screenshot 0912
IRP Screenshot with ALL
ShotSpotter IRP Screenshot List
ShotSpotter Sensor Diagram
SST Mobile Screen - 4.2
SST Mobile Screen - 2.2
SST Mobile Screen - 1.2
SST Mobile Screen
SST Mobile Screen


Get Help Funding ShotSpotter


SST ShotSpotter Flex™
SST SecureCampus™
SST Elected Officials
SST Respond Datasheet
SST ShotSpotter Flex™ - Spanish

Executive Photos

R.Clark (formal)
J.Hawkins (formal, informal)
P.Ames (formal, informal)
D.McFarlin (formal, formal)
A.Stewart (formal)

D.Rodgers (formal, informal)
B.Showen (formal, informal)
S.Strickler (formal, informal)
G.Bunyard (formal)
ShotSpotter Building

Incident Review Center Photos


7/2013 Gunfire Alert and Detection in Mass Shooting Response
9/2014 – Active Shooter Gunfire Detection Scenario
7/2015 SecureCampus
9/2015 SiteSecure
10/2016 IBIS-GunOps-ShotSpotter: The Spears of the Trident

PIO Resources

PIO Toolkit

Audio Resources

30 Rounds, full automatic
30 Rounds, gunfire incident
65 Shots, 2016


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