ShotSpotter offers ShotSpotter Flex as an affordable annual subscription service that is a hosted, cloud-based solution.

The ShotSpotter Flex gunfire data service streamlines the complexity and cost of traditional technology purchases by offering gunshot detection as a hosted, cloud-based service. This affordable annual subscription eliminates the need to purchase and maintain sensors, allowing agencies of all sizes and budgets to deploy a first-in-class gunfire alert and analysis systems.

ShotSpotter has made substantial best-of-breed investments which could not be made by individual agencies. The cost savings of these shared economics permit us to pass along a single, low, subscription price to agencies. You’re ensured accurate data without having to make an IT, project management, and capital expenditure investment.

In addition to a dramatically reduced cost and ease of use, subscription to ShotSpotter Flex provides:

ShotSpotter’s cloud-based system is cost effective.
ShotSpotter owns and operates the underlying sensor network as well as the data center infrastructure which provides the 24x7x365 real-time data. Sensors are installed and maintained by ShotSpotter, and operate on "machine-to-machine" data contracts provided by our cellular provider partners. Because ShotSpotter maintains thousands of live sensor connections with those partners, we achieve per-sensor connectivity savings far beyond what a single agency could negotiate, and we pass those savings along to our customers in the form of a fixed price subscription.


Built-in redundancy eliminates any single point of failure.
ShotSpotter operates fully redundant data centers on both the East and West Coasts, both of which have doubly-redundant power and HVAC, and triply-redundant Internet connectivity. The company has invested in full data redundancy and backups, as well as offsite backup, and provides a level of 24x7x365 fault tolerant hardware and network uptime that no agency--even the biggest--could afford to procure, let alone maintain, on its own.


Dedicated Acoustic Experts review each incident.
ShotSpotter maintains the only 24x7x365 Real-Time Incident Review Center staffed by trained acoustic experts whose only duty is to listen to gunfire incidents, provide deep situational information, and communicate directly back and forth in real-time with client agencies. The level of training and the commitment of the Real-Time Incident Review Center Staff solely dedicated to this one vital task far outpaces what any single agency could afford--or indeed, should afford--to focus its efforts on.