Ensuring Safety for Schools and Other Institutions

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Seconds Matter in an Active Shooting

  • Schools, colleges, and places of business are often targets of gun violence with statistics showing, on average, more than one incident per month in the U.S.
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recommends organizations be trained and prepared for an active shooter situation.
  • Analyses show that the average active shooter incident lasts 12 minutes or less, and the first calls to 911 don't typically come in for a number of minutes.
  • Real-time active shooter alerts are critical so that first responders can arrive almost instantaneously to the proper location with as much situational awareness as possible.
  • Recent tragedies have shown that shooters will not stop until they are confronted by law enforcement.
  • The real-time advantage provided by alerts, can help first responders to save more lives in an active shooting.

ShotSpotter Ensures Immediate Alert and Detection

  • ShotSpotter's security solutions are like a fire alarm for active shooter events: it can offer a life-saving time advantage when it is needed.
  • ShotSpotter is the only gunshot location technology capable of detecting outdoor threats, providing a complete dome of protection for a campus, building or facility.

ShotSpotter can detect gunfire accurately, provide increased situational awareness to first responders, and integrate seamlessly with existing security systems for enhanced campus/facility security, providing:

Exact number of shots fired

Precise, real-time shooting locations displayed on outdoor maps

Validated audio clip of the shooting

Seamless integration with security systems - cameras, access control, mass notification, etc

Mobile alerts delivered on smartphones and tablets

An affordable, subscription-based managed-service solution including maintenance, support, and upgrades at no additional cost

See ShotSpotter in Action

Learn how ShotSpotter SecureCampus Technology helped swiftly contain a late night shooting incident near a world-class west coast university


Security Officials Empowered and Prepared

“Gunshots get verified by ShotSpotter and come into our 911 center as verified gunfire with exact location”

Chief David Mitchell University of Maryland

“(ShotSpotter) reported exactly where the shots were fired”

George Dandelake Edward Waters College Administration: Special Assistant to President

“This is just a proactive and preventative measure.”

WVTM 13 University of Alabama


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